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HomeAppliancesUK.com - Energy Rating

If you want to save money on your electricity then make sure you buy an energy efficient product.

The EU energy label rates products from A* (the most efficient/least energy used), down to G (the least efficient/most energy used).

* Now up to A++ for refrigeration.

By law, the label must be shown on all refrigeration and laundry appliances, dishwashers, electric ovens and lightbulb packaging.

The most efficient products also carry the energy saving recommended logo.

The energy ratings
The more energy efficient an appliance is, the more money you can save - and the more you help the environment. By buying a more efficient model, you're not compromising when it comes to performance either.

Energy consumption and running costs
This shows how much electricity is used under standard operating conditions, measured in kWh / year "kilowatt hours" for refrigeration or kWh/cycle for washing and other appliances.

You can work out the average annual running cost and saving by multiplying the KWh consumption figure by 9p (which is the average unit price of electricity - your actual savings will depend upon the exact consumption figure).

Performance in other areas
Laundry and dishwashing labels also have ratings for washing, spin and / or drying performance. The A-G indicators here are similar to the main efficiency ratings, and are based on standard industry testing - the test cycle used is on the label. ("A" rating is the best).

Some models will also include information on the noise of the product. The lower number shown here the less noise the appliance emits.

So remember be kinder to the environment and your pocket, so choose an energy efficient appliance.

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